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What’s The OLSK® Way?
In the mould of Kubrick, Hitchcock and Chanel, we’re passionate auteurs. That might seem like an odd comparison, but bear with us...

Our exceptionally talented team strive to create truly unique and memorable spaces. But we’re not like other Architects, we’re not like other Interior Designers and we’re certainly not like other Builders. We describe ourselves as ‘Master Architects’ – harking back to the glory days of the industry. Back then our modernist heroes Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier didn’t just supply plans and walk away, they ‘directed’ the builders. They invented construction methods and oversaw the entire process, and that’s why their execution was so pure.


If we’ve got a specialty it’s hospitality and retail. We love the process, we love the challenges and we love the result. Visiting these spaces for years to come makes it extra special for us.

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We have a raw passion for not just what we do but for the finished spaces – the vision. We care about delivering your project defect-free and we care about the experience of the user. We believe there’s no one else in the market who can do it like we do – from planning application to design to site management – we keep an eye on every detail so you can relax. We’re with you from the start to the finish, and for many years after. Your success is our success and we treat your projects like they are our own. It’s this holistic approach that defines The OLSK® Way.


We design and realise state of the art, functional, healthy, productive and beautiful, workplaces. From creative to corporate we offer an unmatched end-to-end service.

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We’re with you from start to finish
We’re architects and we’re builders too. That unique fact means complete flexibility for your projects, and ultimately great business outcomes. We plug into your project when you need a builder who gets the design process, and can be the link between design and delivery. We love to offer a full end-to-end, Design and Construct service, which we know from experience is great for us, and for you. Constant monitoring between your budget and build quality means clarity on financials, from permit approvals to delivery.

We thrive on projects where we can get into the minds of the client and think like them, meaning complete ownership and a sense of achievement, as we help your business to grow. We listen, we communicate difficult problems, we avoid secrecy and our biggest hope – that we can enjoy a beer and a hug at the end.


We are ideally placed to collaborate as your delivery partner on specialist childcare projects. Trust our design skills to come into play as we translate your architectural vision to a finished product.

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We Deliver Head-turning Quality.
We’re specialists in designing and building truly unique projects. Exceptionally detailed and beautiful, with a noticeable level of craftsmanship. Our attention to detail is second to none, because when we’re immersed in your project it’s like it’s our own. When we’re supporting architects as a construction partner our design background gives us an appreciation of the nuances of the project.

We’re not just ‘doers’ but a switched-on team of all-rounders who can join the dots between design and delivery with ease. At the end of the day it makes us as happy as you when our spaces turn heads – of passers by or the international design press.