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Behind the brand: What is the OLSK way?

July 14, 2021

Did you know Pepsi was originally called ‘Brad’s Drink’? That Google was initially ‘Backrub’?

Like anything worth its weight in evolution, OLSK hasn’t always been OLSK. By 2018 we knew our old name and brand did not represent our scope of expertise. We realised we weren’t just builders, we weren’t just designers and we weren’t just architects. It was time we redefined what it meant to be a holistic design and building company in this day and age.

So, in the vein of Kubrick, Hitchcock, and Chanel, we aligned ourselves with the passionate, creative auteurs that defined their fields. Ambitious? Yes. Odd? Potentially, but hear us out: We want our clients, supporters, and architectural aficionados to know an ‘OLSK’ design when they see one.

We’re master architects

Masters of our craft, and masters of holistic execution. And we take our cues from the modernist master architects. Frank Lloyd Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and the environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. While Le Corbusier’s philosophy was as much about function as it was about form. His architecture affected social landscapes so buildings were not merely buildings, but spaces to truly live life in.

With this affectation, regard for humanity, and quality of life always front of mind, our exceptionally talented team not only strives to complete every project on time, within budget, and to the highest standard of quality - but to create spaces that celebrate the land it’s built on, the people yet to set foot in it, and that stand the test of time.


What’s in a name?

With a name that wasn't ownable – other building and design companies were sharing it – we had to take a long, hard look at ourselves. What did we see? Trust, strength, and quality. Our name had to reflect this, without directly saying so.

So, like IKEA, Nike, and Levi’s, we knew an abstract name with no lingering linguistic connotations would be the most appropriate direction to create an enigmatic persona in the industry.

OLSK was our fresh start. With a hint of Scandinavian influence in phonetics, OLSK was a resounding yes from the team, the name with a thousand possibilities.

Going logo

Ah, the logo. A tale of two cities. The OLSK logo had to combine the complexity of our architectural expertise, with the finesse of our finished projects. It had to represent the strength of our brand and to the elegance of our designs. Our identity had to not only speak to our trusted clients but to the sturdy, trustworthiness of our contractors and operators.

Was that so much to ask? Of course not.

In developing the brand mark, we were drawn to the graphic potential of OLSK - a four letter word with power, and intrigue. The 'thumb-print' device was a clever way of distilling design, delivery, collaboration and the spread of ideas.

We believe the new ‘OLSK’ branding holds its ground in our high-powered field and communicates trust, strength, and our unique approach to what we do, every day.

What is the OLSK way?

It’s our holistic approach that defines The OLSK Way. You’re not just a number in the system, or an invoice at the end of the day. We treat your projects like we too will be occupying those spaces.

And we don’t settle for less.

We might collaborate with a furniture maker to engineer bespoke pieces for you, or crafting finely tuned architecture from uncommon materials. Whatever it takes.

Our end-to-end service means we don’t have to tender every job, and that means more time doing what we love. For starters, our method is better for cost control, like when we worked on the build for Innocent Bystander and enabled delivery on time and on budget. We add more value when we’re involved from the start. Not only does it reduce budget risk, but we develop a meaningful relationship with you.

Think of it like this. Take an impeccable tuxedo or your dream wedding dress for example; you could consult with a designer, hand the designs over to your tailor for the perfect fit, and then hire a separate garment technician to put it together.

Or, you could have it all done in-house by a team of experts, who are with you through the entire process and deliver with the initial design matching the finished product. We know what we’d choose.

We actually care about you, and your complete vision. So much so that we want you to tell other people about your experience, about your new space. With a birds-eye-view over the entire process, and knowing the devil really is in the details, we’re proud to say there’s no one else in the market who can do it like us. That’s the Olsk way.

It’s official

And, like we back our design vision, building prowess and quality craftsmanship, we back our brand. Yep, OLSK is a registered trademark, because we’re determined to stick around. This is the beginning of our legacy, one passed down to future generations.

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